A few words from our President Richard Glickstein…

After completing last weeks blog on “Noah” I received an email asking me to help promote another new movie coming out, “Heaven is Real.” This is the New York Times bestselling book about a four year old boy who dies and goes to heaven, comes back, and tells his experience to his parents.

In the caveman era, people told stories and history to others using paintings on walls. In the middle period of the earth, after the invention of the printing press and the advent of the printing of the Bible, people began to learn through reading. Now in our modern era, reading is on the decline and we are headed back to the “caveman era” where we are learning more and more visually through media. I find it interesting how many of us now mount our TVs on the wall. It seems the apple does not fall far from the tree.

So I will screen this movie and as long as it is not cheesy (God save us from poor art!) and not offensive I will try to help get the word out in order to get the Word out.