How can I participate?

Simple! Aside from asking you to join us for a powerful worldwide social media event using the hashtag #biblecelebration, we are asking pastors across the globe to preach on the greatness and blessing of God’s Word at church that day. Millions around the world participated in the IDOB social media event last year including the famous French art museum the Louvre. We hope that millions more of Bible loving people will join us this year to proclaim their thankfulness for the Bible using photos, videos, audio and words. Ask your pastors to join us in our celebration on November 12th by preaching about the Bible. Join us in getting the word out to the whole world. Let us all exalt His Word together!

“One could simply read a favorite passage with family, friends, co-workers and schoolmates, but participation can go beyond just Bible reading. Coming up with something creative, such as breaking into a flash mob, singing and dancing Scripture, painting or drawing a picture with a few lines of verse, or capturing God’s creations in photos, selfies included, and sharing them along with a beloved Psalm.”

– Richard Glickstein, President, National Bible.

Send us photos and videos of your participation!

Use Hashtag #BibleCelebration to be featured across our social media!


The event is being sponsored by The National Bible Association. Organizations like The American Bible Society, YouVersion, Bible Gateway, Scripture Union, and Bibles for the World are encouraging participation within their own communities.

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