I had the honor to attend the memorial service for Paula Fordice. She was the mother of my precious daughter in law, Alissa. Paula died after battling brain cancer. All of us prayed fervently for 7 months for her but God wanted Paula to be with Him. She passed away last Friday.

I did not know Paula all that well, as she lived on the plains of southern Minnesota and I live in the New York City area. But I was touched by her and I got to know her better at the memorial service last Monday.

She was the glue, the facilitator, the heartbeat, the center of an amazing family. Jeff and Paula were married for 39 years. And their marriage was one for the record books. Happy, loving and consistent. Their persistent, godly love for each other produced four amazing adult children who spoke of their love, admiration and dedication for her at the service.

Each of these amazing and godly young people have precious spouses. And they are on their way to living out the legacy of their mom.

Jeff had wrestled, as we all would, during the last 7 months, with fighting the disease with all his might. But at one point, he surrendered Paula fully to God and he came to peace with Him about Paula’s impending death. In the midst of his sorrow, after Paula died, he exuded and testified to, a peace and a joy that God had given him which the Bible describes as “unspeakable”.

Paula is with God. She loved the Lord and taught His Word to many others at their home church for years.

As I looked around this small-town church, it was full of the people that she loved and that loved her. Isn’t this the greatest testimony to her life? Her children, their spouses, her grandchildren, all who came to celebrate and remember her life and of course, her husband’s thoughts and words about her.

Paula Fordice, I salute you!