I was just going through some of my emails looking for something, when I stumbled upon a screenshot of the Louvre Museum’s Facebook page (Yes, that Louvre.), posting for the 2015 International Day of the Bible. I had the same reaction that you are probably having right now when my assistant told me, “The Louvre?!!!”.

I was beyond shocked! We lived for 7 ½ years in Europe and the French are the epidemy of a securalism without God. They are very sophisticated people (food, wine, clothing, architecture, etc.) with church attendance miniscule and God is nowhere in the picture for a lot of them. So, to have the premier French Art Museum and one of the top five art museums worldwide post about IDOB, I was like, “What!”.

But why should I be shocked? God is the God of the Universe. He is in absolute control. My reaction speaks more to my unbelief than it does to my trust in God. This Louvre’s post expanded my horizons. This year on November 12th, why can’t there be posts from the heads of states from around the globe? Why can’t God touch the high, the low and the in between?

He can definitely do all things. And this year I am going to expect it! Join me.


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