I have told this story before but I just received a picture that I want to share with you and tell this story again so that you might learn from this humble and great man.

Nathan Sharansky was a child prodigy at chess and became a physicist. He was the assistant to the greatest living physicist at the time, Andrea Sakharov. Sharansky lived in Moscow under communism.

He yearned to join his wife in Israel but the Soviets told him, “Nyet!” He continued to partition them until the Russian government through him into the notorious KGB prison in Moscow. While in prison, he lost all hope of ever seeing his wife again or the outside world. Most people who entered this prison never left.

His wife sent him the Book of Psalms in Hebrew. Miraculously, the guards let him have it. He began to read it and Psalm 23 brought him hope. He said that while reading the passage, “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”, instantly hope filled his soul.

Sharansky was released f on prison in 1986 and emigrated to Israel where he has served in several government positions. For the last thirty years, Sharansky has kept that Hebrew Book of Psalms close to his heart. Every day, he puts it in the breast pocket of his shirt.

Are you keeping God’s Word close to your heart? Are your reading it daily? Do you cherish it like Nathan Sharansky?

Don’t take God’s Word for granted. Treasure it. Read it. Memorize it. And meditate on it.