International Day of the Bible

A Worldwide Public Bible Celebration Sunday November 18th! 

Use the Hashtag –#BibleCelebration– to be featured!


This year, IDOB is on Sunday November 18th. Aside from asking you to join us for a powerful worldwide social media event using the hashtag #biblecelebration, we are asking pastors across the globe to preach on the greatness and blessing of God’s Word that day.

Millions around the world participated in the IDOB social media event last year including the famous French art museum the Louvre. We hope that millions more of Bible loving people will join us this year to proclaim their thankfulness for the Bible using photos, videos, audio and words.

Ask your pastors to join us in our celebration on November 18th by preaching about the Bible. Join us in getting the word out to the whole world.

Let us all exalt His Word together!

Have a favorite Psalm? Or, a special passage that has helped you through tough times? Want to share with the world how much the Bible means in your life? Or ask Him to bless your nation?

On Sunday, November 18th―in public or online―people of all ages are being invited to participate in International Day of the Bible by taking pause for a few minutes to read or even sing Scripture or otherwise creatively express their love of The Good Book.


The event is being sponsored by The National Bible Association. Organizations like The American Bible Society, YouVersion, Bible Gateway, Scripture Union, and Museum of the Bible are encouraging participation within their own communities.

Some groups are already planning to tape their activities in advance to share on social media on Sunday November 18th.  Use the hashtag #BibleCelebration for posting online comments, videos, photos and creative expressions. 

About The National Bible Association

The National Bible Association, based in Washington, DC, is a nonprofit, educational association of business leaders operating in the public square. Since 1940, the Association has focused exclusively on encouraging Bible reading in every sector of society regardless of religious or political distinction. For more, visit


International Day of the Bible – Sunday, November 18th

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International Day of the Bible – Bible Reading at Salt Lake City Capitol Building.
Image Credit: Tom Smart, Deseret News.

Roma Downey reading Scripture Salt Lake City’s Concert.
Image Credit: Tom Smart, Deseret News.

Bible reading at Salt Lake City Capitol Building.
Image Credit: Tom Smart, Deseret News.